He Who Cannot Be Bought

If the threat is to the Constitution itself, then those who place it front and center are the natural targets. This is an existential political crisis. It is not about who gets paid, who gets to the feeding trough, who goes to the party, who gets the contract, or who gets the deal. Those issues are second place compared to the threat of tyranny. Therefore, someone who disrupts the way things are done is not enough.

Again, merely upending things is not a sufficient response to the dictatorial powers assumed by Obama. To favor only disorder is the scream of the child; it is the tantrum of the immature; it is the last final cry of an animal before it expires.

Obama has a reckless disregard for the rule of law. He will not be impeached not because his crimes are not serious; neither the House nor the Senate will act because of their own moral weakness. Thus, someone who values the Constitution is critical. Thus, someone who appoints judges who rightly interpret the Constitution is critical.

Character is now paramount. There is no reason to assume that a man who thinks his abortion-ruling sister would make a great Supreme Court judge is worthy of the presidential office. Is there time left to play such games as that? I ask in thunder and hear no response. The paranoid shibboleth-sellers weave their hands together and cry “conspiracy, conspiracy” and dance their idiot dances, to no avail. There is no conspiracy when it is in plain sight.

Trump is a wrecking ball, and he exists to clear the field for the benefit of the establishment. His tactic? Playing both sides against the middle. One day he will insult Carson as a child molester. Another day he will stand by him on stage. One day he will consider Cruz for the vice presidency; the other day he will call him “a bit of a maniac”. He is no threat to the establishment; like progressives, who are no threat to big business, but instead are their enablers.

Prior to politics, Trump WAS the establishment – liberal, rich, a man who told others what they wanted to hear, a man who was everyone’s friend. He is a man who makes deals and has been bankrupt four times. He has debts and obligations, and those will be used against him if the establishment thinks it necessary. “He cannot be bought,” the crowd chants, but the banks already own him, and Trump dislikes speaking about the situations of the bankruptcies. He is man that they can work with, and Jimmy Carter provides the evidence.

If you wanted your place at the table to be assured, you would take out the most credible threat as soon as you could. You would even sic his former supporters on him. You would play both sides against the middle, so as to remove the threat and leave the field only with also-rans whom you could crush as you wished. In short, you would aim for Cruz early and hit him with hurricane force.

The threat is not rearranging the deck chairs. The threat is the moral evil that allows for waste, graft, fraud, and the dark deals themselves. Someone who insists on the rule of law is a threat to everyone who bends it. That is what they fear – not bravado and deal-making.

So many are led away by anger or by an insistence that politics be anything but warfare by other means, as it always has been. If you fight, you will end up bloody. You will suffer wounds. The future then belongs to those willing to suffer, those who will soldier on, misunderstood but gripped by truth, by those of iron resolution and determination wrought in steel. The future belongs to those who cannot be bought, and the only ones who cannot be bought are those who have a conviction forged in Heaven’s forge.

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