Sarah Palin’s Credibility, R.I.P

Sarah Palin has been quiet for some time, quiet as in uninvolved in politics. When she showed up recently, it was to endorse Donald Trump. That itself, though a foolish choice, was one I and others chalked up to differences amongst friends. One friend might be convinced that The Notebook is deep and meaningful, and another friend might not. Yet, the friendship remains. I was disappointed, abraided, but not damaged.

That has all changed.

The Daily Mail has a screen capture of Palin’s latest Facebook post.

Politistick does a great job in covering this whole tempest in a teapot. In short, suffice to say that Steve King is not lying. This was a mistake made by a staffer, which is quite understandable, given the vagueness of Carson’s tweet and CNN’s reporting. Cruz has refused to fire the staffer, so kudos to him.

The fallout of all this is that Palin’s credibility is gone. She has conducted a slash and burn campaign against people she helped elect (Cruz and King). I don’t know what to make of this behavior except that something has changed in her. Something has happened and as a result, she is no longer cares about the truth. That is not conservative, and it sure is not Christian. It is also not logical or even politically savvy; it is not judicious.

Does it make any sense to blow your political capital this early in the game? Is it really a good idea to climb down into the gutter and falsely accuse people of things they didn’t do? It reads like crazy behavior, and craziness often shows up when someone is scared. All this has led me to reflection.

Conservatism is not a cult or men or of women, but an unyielding alliance to liberty itself. When someone no longer wishes to be associated with that philosophy and understanding, then we must distance ourselves from that person. We no longer see eye to eye, and so there must be a parting of the ways.

I do not regret my support of Palin in the past, for then, she was a different person. She no longer has my support nor my understanding. She has accused others of things which they did not do; she would know this, had she bothered to look before speaking. She no longer values truth and by doing that, she has burned her bridges.

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