Cruz Wins the Iowa Caucus: Thoughts

Today is a good day. Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus by a goodly amount. As Erickson points out, the participation rate was the highest its ever been (180,000 votes), and Cruz won the state by more votes than Huckabee did in 2008. That brings me a feeling like a good glass of wine – a sedate warm glow.

However, I really get tired of reading how the opponents were “spanked”, or “embarrassed” or suffered “huge losses” or whatever the latest smack-talk terms are.
I have had more than enough of the visceral hatred and gross immaturity on display, usually from Trump supporters, but I have seen it from Cruz supporters also. None of this is helpful, as people who let their emotions turn into personal animosity aren’t building anything. They’re setting fire to a room with themselves still inside. In other words, before their hate reaches a target, it has consumed them first. The GOP will nominate just one candidate so why lambast people who you’re going to need to support him? It’s immature.

Not only that, but you cannot see the end from one race. It’s pointless to estimate, and it’s especially risible when people employ reason to speculate as here. Did anyone predict the large turnout? And how many predicted that Trump would lose decisively? Did anyone think Rubio would do so well? This electoral season has been filled with surprises, and that should bring humility to those willing to listen. How many are willing to listen, is always the question.

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