Foreign Reporting is Another Bubble

Reading this made me realize just how bizarre the worldview of most foreign reporters is. It’s as if the major news organizations are staffed with churlish America-haters whose output is solely designed to remind someone they hate back home how smart and cultured they are. Why isn’t it news that the PM of another country calling America an enemy?

Yet, we know about it, so their sieve isn’t working. The more that the truth leaks out, the less people will have a need for mainstream media journalists. The current state of foreign reporting is another bubble, about to burst.

It is a sad thing how cowardly reporters have become, and how ignorant they are of so many things, most of all, their own status. They literally have no idea how much they are disdained and why. Any empire founded on lies crumbles eventually, and what we are seeing is the slow-motion failure of an incestuous liberal worldview, insular and elitist, practiced by those who make a life out of censoring what foreign dignitaries say.

You cannot hide the truth forever.

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