Beyond Entertainment

It is curious, being aware of a spiritual state; I have become aware of my distinct lack of hunger for entertainment.

I no longer need to be entertained as a regular thing. I seek to be edified. I seek knowledge. I seek wisdom. I seek to abide. In these things, life has a tangible fullness, a holy turgidity that must be something like living off the land. What Hollywood, Bollywood, NYC, or Miami serve up, I no longer need. I am freed from feeling as though I need to be distracted.

I am not saying that there is no room for entertainment in anyone’s life. And I am well aware that not everyone consumes media the same way. The warning is always present though, “Food for the stomach, and the stomach for food. Yes, and God will destroy them both.” If you live to be entertained, you are courting your own destruction. Everything you consume has a moral perspective, and that will seep into your skin if you are not careful. As long as it does not enslave, you are on good ground.

I no longer want to turn off my mind. I know there is no such thing as a moralless haven where I will be exempt from analyzing things. I want to simply find the good and relish it. I will rest when I need to rest. I will eat when I need to eat. However, the goal of being distracted, of being sidelined, of being mindless, no longer has any appeal to me.

I must be merciful to those who still seek entertainment; I must be gentle and patient. I am in a place of life and I would like more to enter in. Sarcasm and impatience do not welcome. I believe that too many people are being held on strings by cruel writers and directors, hoping that someday something they enjoy will pay off. Instead they should find something that does pay off so that they can enjoy it without allowing it to consume their lives.

Hiding in entertainment takes us out of the battle and out of the fray. Hiding makes us of no use to God and allows the enemy to torment us.

If one man was all that it took in critical junctures of history, how can we measure what we have lost by one man, one person, one child, failing to act? How much shadow has crept over our lives and our nation because we were too immersed in the transitory images of incandescent screens? If we have hidden, what have we feared? Has hiding resolved our fear? Or has it only drugged the captive, who awakes always, still unfree?

I think we must live lives beyond entertainment, for greater and more glorious things yet. Only then can we enjoy all things in their proper perspective.

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