Accepting Less to Win

Why is it that those who pontificate about political races think that conservatives cannot win, when a good third (more or less) of the country identifies as such? Note that this is more than the percent which identifies as liberal. Who are these people, who keep advising us to accept less and win? Winning with someone who is not conservative is the crude advice to “aim low and score”. Why do people think we should compromise at the beginning? There may be a time for compromise – on specific bills – but to compromise in the primary season makes no real sense, unless those who are counseling us either are not true friends, or they are fearful.

Put another way, why would those who are in the arena take advice from moderates, who basically do nothing but follow the crowd? A leader’s job is to lead. It is not to ask others what they want and do it. It is his job to plant the flag, to inspire, to hold the high ground. I am concerned that so many are not interested in finding a leader, but instead, are looking to nominate someone who tells them what they want to hear.

With that said, I am all for strength. I hate political correctness. However, history teaches us the folly of electing men who run on mile-wide, inch-deep platforms, such as…”hope and change”. If we turn about and elect someone without any solid political moorings, we can shed no tears when he continues to rip up the Constitution by simply tearing it a different direction.

A few people get it – that we are electing not only a leader, but a servant-leader, that is, someone who leads by being subservient to something greater. In a purely political sense, this would be a man who understands that the Constitution is a limiting document, for it limits the power of government. Where the government is forbidden from acting, the people are free.

Patterico gets it. The Bookworm gets it. Even National Review gets it.

What saddens me is not only the sellout that is happening already, but that the sellout is happening among those who seemingly had the most principles. I am particularly grieved by Palin and by Franklin Graham. Granted, so much of this is starting to look like a dog-and-pony show, but I wonder how much people who profess a real and abiding concern for the Constitution can be bought and sold. What is even more worrisome is that this is happening to those who claim the mantle of Christ. Now, I have never had any great allegiance to Falwell, but Graham really surprised me. I wonder if too much time spent on reality TV has unmoored Palin.

Still, Cruz is classy in his response. I think that is the best response, for by doing so, you heap burning coals of shame upon their heads (Rom 12:20).

Iowa is approaching and I am praying and donating.

Go Cruz, go.

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