Compromising Your Way to Victory

What sort of warrior enters the battlefield ready to cut deals with his foe? Did Patton seek to cut deals in order to win? Did William Wilberforce seek merely regulation of slavery? Did Jesus seek to divide the world with the devil? “Of course not!” wells up inside of most people, almost instinctively. That is because they understand that in order to win, in order to achieve your goals, you cannot compromise. Thus, only those who do not compromise are the ones who can win. Every other action simply ends in capitulation to the status quo, which is not changed at all by one more acquiescence.

When people say that others don’t like you, that you’re hard to get along with, and that people can’t cut deals with you, this is a form of social shaming, and a backhanded testimony to their own weakness. They’ve compromised, and you should too. You don’t play like the other kids. Go along to get along! You can’t be trusted. You’re mean. All this means is that you’re not like them. Leaders aren’t just like everyone else. They stand above. They stand out. They are different.

This relates to the campaign trail, specifically the criticism aimed at Ted Cruz. You do have to wonder when the establishment hacks such a Bob Dole, and the populist outsiders (Palin) are on the same side. Someone is being fooled. Someone is lying or is being lied to. The looming contradiction is that you can be both an outsider and a deal-maker. A true outsider would want nothing to do with deals; you would expect such a fellow to clean house, not to simply rebalance the payment schedules.

The establishment who wants someone they can “work with”, and a deal-maker is someone they can work with, no matter how loud their initial protests. They cannot work with someone whose principles are not malleable – i.e. a conservative, such as Cruz. As others have pointed out, you don’t change the world by being indistinct from it. You can only change it by being different and thus inciting opposition.

Behold the babyish mewls of how bad a person you are for being different, for doing things differently than how they’ve been done, how you can’t triumph, and how you can never make it. Anyone who has done anything worth doing in life will recognize these voices. They are fear, doubt, insecurity, and they attack anyone who achieves. When you hear the status quo start to squeal, you know you are doing something right.

You cannot compromise your way to victory. You win by being a lighthouse.

Godspeed, Sen. Cruz.

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