A Fundamental Dishonesty

If you read much news, you begin to notice a fundamental dishonesty among the left. For instance, the coy dropping of the adjective “illegal” when discussing the topic of illegal immigrants, or illegal immigration. The left knows that what conservatives mean by “illegal immigrants” is “immigrants”. Never mind the logical absurdity of telling someone who spoke about A that he really means B, the left is so convinced of this that they deceptively edit headlines and write “news” that omits this salient fact. This childishness is something that caters to their fears of a world full of enemies, not enemies that have stated opposition to them of course, but the secret, the unknown, the seeming neighbor! The left is always out to prove they are smarter than anyone else, and that only they understand the world; like mad prophets, they endeavor to unriddle and deconstruct what is plain.

Further examples of this are the madness of assuming that when someone speaks of Obama as a “child,” what they really meant was a racial slur of “boy”. Of course the speakers meant no such thing; they were remarking on Obama’s manifestly juvenile behavior. To the left, it is always 1965; all evidence does not matter, and all progress that their forefathers achieved doesn’t matter. That the left is such a sucker for the 1001 rape and racism hoaxes goes without saying. Leftists create the hoaxes, believe the hoaxes, and even when the truth comes out, they believe the lie.

Another example of this is the fact that Marxism has supplanted all other ideologies at most colleges and universities. First, existing professors are Marxists. They will admit only other Marxists, because Marxism as a philosophy allows for no dissent. Second, the idea of the convoluted theory that only a few can understand appeals to their vanity and allows them a stage to show off their pet theories. Third, the college environment is entirely state-run or donor-run, but either way, the professors do not work for a living in that they produce a useful product or service. Every cent they earn is a redirected cent, and their honor only comes from doing things that make the university look good. So they are already under a sort of totalitarian system (everything for the university, nothing against the university). The freedom to dissent does not exist for them nor for their students, because dissent brings shame which brings funding cuts which means they could be kicked out of Eden. The students must be taught allegiance to the cause lest they turn against the professors and bring the whole house of cards down. Meanwhile, the professors sell the country the lie that they are teaching the young valuable skills and giving them the distilled wisdom of the ages.

The left has a serious truth problem that is caused by a Stalinist attachment and pursuit of The Cause coupled with salvation by activism. Salvation in the liberal sense means achieving royalty – a taxpayer-supported position (whether on the dole or in the mansion), brought about by guilt-tripping others into supporting you while you lecture them to death; if they are not Marie Antoinette, then their lives have no purpose. They are drunk with power or visions of power, and thus, truth – external and unmalleable for The Cause – is the first thing they discard.

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