Registration for Journalists

The liberal Baltimore Sun published an article called “Do You Know the Gun Owners in Your Circle?” which Freedom Outpost mocked relentlessly. Tricia Bishop is so concerned that someone she or her child might interact with might own guns, and she apparently is too cowardly to navigate those waters personally, she wants to outsource her responsibility for parenting to the federal government. This abandonment of responsibility is sadly characteristic of many modern parents, who are scared to death of disciplining their children, preferring to be their best friend, instead.

However, Tricia is engaged in a very dangerous activity herself. She is an op-ed writer; she is a journalist! We all know how dangerous words are. Remember that when Gabby Giffords was shot, that liberals decreed that Rush Limabaugh and other talk show hosts were to blame? Apparently words make people do things. Words can be micro-agressions. Words are racist. Words make people murder.

Therefore, I propose a national database for journalists. Clearly, all parents should know if they have a journalist in their circle. Why, their child might read something laying around a friend’s house, and the next day go and shoot up the school! Every parent needs to know beforehand whether or not their child will be exposed to such dangerous material. In keeping with all the virtues of antiseptic liberalism, there is no grey here; if the person is on the list, your child is not safe around them. If you think such a mentality strikes eerily close to “enemy of the state” type thinking, then you would be right. Liberals love official lists, especially when they are lists of enemies. It is only fair play that they be put on a list themselves, for the children.

It’s time to make these hypocrites live by their own rules and make them live up to all the hideous consequences of their own inflammatory propaganda.

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