Weak Men Whining: A Study in Douchebaggery

Donald Trump once again has kicked disrupting activists out of his event, this time in Vermont. Bravo, sir. If there is anything more annoying than a weak man whining his way through life, I’ve yet to encounter it. I say this not as some uber-macho guy, but rather as someone who has seen the life of excuse-making and what it does to a person, long before it erupts from the mouth. By the time someone whines aloud, they have created and believed many lies and made many excuses. Their words simply reveal what they have believed. It is what comes out of a man that makes him unclean.

The weak man is a plague upon America. He is the inheritor of something he has not built, which he castigates for not fitting his endless lists of demands. He has no participation in the arena, yet complains about the result. He sacrifices not at all, but instead preys upon the heartstrings of any who will hear. He is a dependent, not an independent, nor an inter-dependent. He cannot fly on his own, but asks everyone else to excuse his failings, dust him off when he falls, and give him things so that his fragile ego is not bruised. He can defend nobody and prides himself upon his ability to elicit sympathy or play verbal rapier duels to no consequence. He is precisely the protestor on display at Vermont.

See how his fellows gather around him and celebrate that he was kicked out of the event he paid to attend? He is an idiot child, celebrating being reprimanded by the teacher. What glory is there in being punished for douchebag behavior? You went somewhere to shout down another man and instead got shown the street? What right do you have to shout someone else down? Go use your free speech somewhere else, as every other civilized person knows. Why are you so fragile that you cannot permit someone else to speak? Why do you glory in the censoring of others?

The weak man is a coward, strong only in groups, someone who has borrowed his hate and his strength. He cannot think critically nor does he respect the rights of others. In the less-civilized past, such nuisances would be ejected from the tribe, or perhaps left to rot in towers or in prisons. They contribute nothing but mockery of those who do achieve; they have as much depth as cardboard; they are children in adult’s clothes whose only weapon is whining. They are the rot in society and its arsonists.

I sincerely hope that this discipline they have endured will teach them something. Perhaps it will make clear what they failed to learn in school. However, I hold out little hope, as I have already read that Trump, in behaving this way, is a fascist. That is how strength looks to the inveterate douchebag. Anyone who ardently defends his own rights must be trampling on yours. Anyone who is strong must be comparable to one of the worst dictators history has ever known. Of course.

If you will not learn from shivering in the snow, then perhaps those who watch you will, for on display are fools shivering in the snow for their foolishness.

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