Appetite for Crap

Low-quality fare is served up 24-7, through every media orifice imaginable, from print to reel to screen to hand-held device, a million million images and words of mindless decay. People are addicted to crap. They hunger for it and pay for it and recreate in it and flounder in it. I do not really understand why people settle for less. What is even faintly interesting about something you know sucks? Either their senses have become so dulled that any gruel will do, or they simply thrive on satiating their primitive instincts. I am starting to lose the ability to see any difference between the barbarian and the average man, as he lays about in squalor, consuming copious amounts of violence, porn, and profanity, with occasional bodily function humor thrown in for variety’s sake.

I demand more and I am a lonely voice, even among those who I spend the most time. Even in my closest relationships, I am the the watchman.

It is sad, but to find quality, you usually have to sacrifice – and it is usually comfort, or money; something somewhere has to give. And if it means sacrifice or even discipline – very scary words to most – then quality is rejected as simply too painful of a choice.

Open the mind, insert crap, rinse, lather, repeat. What are the long-term effects of an appetite for crap? Detroit. Baltimore. Washington, D.C.

It seems as though because judgment will come, those upon whom it is served will do their best to make themselves and their surroundings indistinguishable from a landfill. Any society sufficiently entertained is indistinguishable from barbarism. In Rome, you had to attend the Colosseum to see people die. Now you can just turn on your phone and watch live snuff vids or if you are not deranged yet, watch fake snuff vids in the form of action movies. Either way, society dies a little more each day as what is human within us seeps away to be overtaken by the animalistic and the demonic, and the appetite for crap remains unquenched.

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