A Conspiracy, of Course!

While there are some people on the right who suspect that the government is not telling the truth about various things, these suspicions only become more than that when the data just doesn’t make sense. Then and only then do we suspect the truth from being something besides what is told. Such is the default posture, I think, of any patriot. A patriot loves his or her country, but is suspicious of his or her government. That is a correct heart attitude, as well, for we love people and the earth, both of which bear God’s imprint. Government is merely an arrangement of people who often do ill; what love can one have for that?

However, rather than following the evidence, those on the left default to a gnostic search for knowledge, that is, secrets. Of course nothing is as it seems! Of course only they can unriddle the answer! This feeds the leftist’s desire to appear more intelligent than others. It also nurses their sense of self-importance. Like others, who think that only they are smart enough to run the world, the conspiracy theorist thinks that only he or she is smart enough to understand what is going on. Rather than view history as a competition of interests, leftists look at history as a collection of forces trying to screw him or her out of something deserved. Thus, the left looks for secret meetings of bankers, secret meeting of crypto-racists, and code words. If the left cannot build utopia, then they will certainly expose those who are preventing them from doing it!

This is childish, but leftists are generally egomaniacs who feel that life has cheated them out of something or another. They want to run the world or at least understand how it is run, which gives rise to simplistic theories (Darwinism, Marxism, Fruedianism), or ornate conspiracy theories. They cannot respect someone else’s use of freedom and believe that the political is the personal, so everything involves and revolves around them. Rather than get help for their delusions and their immature motivations, instead, they try to sanctify it by using elaborate words.

As usual, all they do is add to the noise. That is because there are times where the government has lied to the people, misinformed them, hid evidence, destroyed documents, and done any number of nefarious things. However, the conspiracy theorists are not interested in actually questioning these cases, because they have evidence that is readily discernible by all — e.g. how many pages were simply redacted in full, and then released by Eric Holder’s DOJ when questioned about Fast and Furious? No, this bores them. Instead, it’s time to call into question Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

The conspiracy theorists are interested in looking smart before others, not finding truth, and their theories do not revolve around a loss of freedom, but concern material things like money, possessions, and other symbols of power. The left wants power and if they are not in their rightful position as rulers or at least court wizards, then it is a conspiracy, of course!

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