The False Flag Conspiracies Self-consume

The problem with conspiracy theory, as a label, is that it subsumes many theories regardless of their veracity. Everything from 9/11 to Obama’s documents, to the Paris shootings to Sandy Hook, are all given the same broad brush by most. I think often people simply argue by adjective and dismiss these topics as “conspiracy theories” to avoid the mental work of investigating truth claims. Laziness is not an effective argument.

However, within this confused sea are one related group of claims: the false flag conspiracy. How this goes is that the government creates a fake incident that it uses to rally people around the flag and against a common enemy. Hitler did it first with the Reichstag fire, and other governments, presumably, have followed in the Third Reich’s stead.

The false flag theory has been applied to many incidents in history, from 9/11 to Paris and San Bernadino. However, one thing that demonstrates the inanity of such claims is that both the Bush and Obama administrations have not been keen on tackling the issue of Islamic terrorism as an ideology. Neither has the media. If these incidents were false flags, then the administration would be trumpeting the Islamic nature of the attackers and use it to rally the populace. This did not happen under Bush and it most certainly has not happened under Obama. Only repeated murders convinced the French to finally do something. None of this fits the narrative of a false flag operation!

Bush’s approach was “we’ve got this; don’t worry” and Obama’s response has been “give me your guns”. Note Obama’s response, particularly – to crack down on the people who identify the problem. There is no appetite to demonize Muslims as enemies of the state. Nor has there been any desire to demonize people of any particular country. How could any of these recent attacks then be false flag operations? They were embarrassments to Obama, finding him flat-footed and issuing unbelievable claims of “workplace violence” (Ft. Hood), among other responses.

Weirdly, the theorists end up claiming that the Muslims are being used by the government to gin up anti-Muslim hysteria, but the concern is coming from people who read what the attackers themselves said and did. So there is no conspiracy – it’s all out in the open! When Islamists say that they want to kill us, most people believe them. There is NO NEED for any kind of false flag work, and it would be hopeless besides; the number of anti-jihad Muslims, worldwide, is astoundingly low. That has a lot to do with the fact that the Koran itself states that jihad is compulsory and that Mohammed is the perfect man (he who waged war his entire post-conversion life), and those deemed insufficiently Islamic are regarded as apostates and murdered. So Islam and Islamists have always waged war on non-believers, and these new terrorists are simply doing what their father, Mohammed, did. These Muslims are simply carrying out what their faith demands. They are not innocent children or exploited poor or anything of the sort.

The conspiracists end up embracing the same worldview that Obama is championing – that Islam is good, Islamists are harmless, jihad and shariah law don’t matter, and America must be weakened. The false flag fools are people addicted to secrets, real or imagined, a kind of gnostic nervosa. They fear war and sacrifice so much that their paranoid logic consumes itself. If they do not know who has already declared war on them, and do not understand the undying hatred of the followers of Islam, then anything they say involving Islam is faulty. They cover themselves with the magic words “false flag” to disguise their ignorance and to wash away the evidence that the murderous terrorists post in plain sight. They don’t take others seriously, and thus, there is no reason for any thinking person to take them seriously.

In short, imagining themselves wise, they became fools.

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