A Reward for Existence

The entitlement mentality can be stated more powerfully by phrasing it as a reward for existence. The irony is fragrant, for a reward is something given to a person who has done something exceptional — whether a gold medal, a trophy, a merit increase, a bonus — it is a reward for having done something. You don’t receive a reward for simply existing. There is no effort in existing (and I do not mean surviving); surviving assumes an adverse situation in which surviving means overcoming. A crash landing of a plane in the Yukon Territory, when the survivors don’t have the proper clothing and all that remains is a burned-up fuselage — here, they survive because they overcome an adverse situation.

You cannot ask for a reward for existence, and yet, people ask for that. However, they are not merely asking; they believe that they should have it. This is nothing more than the tyrannous claims of a would-be nobility. The people who learn to game the system to accrue benefits — financial, special treatment, physical property — they are acting as though they are nobles; the nobility also assumed it would have such just for existing. They do not argue for such on the basis of noble blood as previously, but through other attributes just as risible, such as skin color. That is the deeper irony still.

Liberals of today seek to remediate a problem of adverse treatment on the basis of skin color. Likewise for gender; they do not seek to end discrimination, but only to change whom is discriminated against. Yet this has long since ceased to be a widespread social phenomenon. By insisting on a cure beyond the duration of the problem, they have created people who expect a reward for existence, despite the nonexistence of any justification for it! Isn’t that ironic that discriminating in favor of people creates in them a mentality of royalty? Treating people overly favorably for no real reason except to foolishly make up for things they may or may not have suffered makes them think that others are their servants. Yet because all they have is given by man, and man controls what they receive and what they do not, they boast and demand like nobles but remain slaves.

The unwise and foolish prescriptions of those who do not understand themselves nor other people, inevitably creates problems. Continuing such solutions long past the duration of the initial problem only perpetuates a new malaise.

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