Legalization and the Poor

DaTechGuy has a great piece up today about how medical marijuana affects the poor. What he posts is a common tragedy, immediately predictable by anyone who knows the nature of men and the nature of government. The question that immediately came to mind was, “Who then, knowing this, would support such initiatives?” Perhaps they do not know it, or perhaps they are willfully deceiving themselves.

Legalization enthusiasts, largely libertarian, do not understand how their choices affect others. Neither do they much care, I suspect. Libertarianism is simply moral blindness and selfishness gussied up in the language of political philosophy.

First, their own ability to judge whether or not the substance is something they can handle does not address whether or not most people can. Most cannot. Libertarianism does not scale well, as I’ve said before. Proponents blithely assume everyone has an infinite capacity for self-control, which even they themselves do not have. As Samuel Adams has said, if men were angels, we would not need government.

Second, they ignore the long-term physical and mental effects of pot use, especially at an early age. Read the comments section of any anti-drug article and you’ll find the usual run of excuses as to why physical and mental effects do not happen, do not apply to them, or both. How many different people must screw themselves up before we can conclude, “This is deleterious” instead of “I’m better than they are and I can handle it”? As long as you remain mentally thirteen, the answer is: no number of ruined lives will ever convince legalization enthusiasts that drugs are dangerous or immoral.

Third, they act as though the people they live in community with have no say upon their behavior. Sorry guys, no man is an island. If you want the benefits of the American Revolution, then you have to handle the fact that our rights come to us from God and we are responsible for their upkeep. Liberty didn’t fall like a meteorite out of the sky. It was fought for and won by people who recognized transcendent truths. One of those truths is that for the government to be minimal, the people must be self-controlled. A nation of druggies would never have cared about throwing off the chains of tyranny!

Fourth, the use of drugs induces spiritual decay. If you prize the high more than anything else in the world, there is no limit to the compromises that you make and the actions that you take.

Fifth, legal drugs hamstrings those who already have a few strikes against them. It is cruel to look the other way while the fatherless kid in the projects gets pot for his “glaucoma” instead of slapping his hand and saying, “Learn everything you can about robotics.” Couple legalization with welfare, #blacklivesmatter, and the destruction of public morality, and you create a system that puts more and more people at a disadvantage. That’s not white privilege that’s keeping you down, guys, or maybe it is, but not as you understand privilege. Is legalization crypto-racism?

Sixth, this demonstrates that the weaponized mercy used to push for “medical marijuana” was a lie. Whether it’s poverty porn, government spending “for the children”, or “medical marijuana”, mercy run amuck is a bellwether of evil. It is a abuse of spiritual gifts, too, for it preys upon people’s desire to do right and twists it into feting what is morally wrong. Legalization is like abortion – strychnine sold as candy.

(Note: I worked for many years in a company dominated by pot users. The company was torn by incessant drama, bad business decisions, nepotism, stupidity, and poor work quality.) I don’t trust drug addicts to change my oil, either. I’ve been there, seen it, and thus, I can relate to what the article stated.

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