Return of the Yellow Star

The homosexual left is a tyranny cult, and it works the same way that all tyranny cults do. They all begin with wide and general slogans that gather many different types beneath their banner. As they gain power, then they discard those their inclusive slogans and their fellow travelers. “Live and let live”, “tolerance”, and “celebrate diversity” are yesterday. Today is “hater”, “bigot”, “politically incorrect”. Once ensconced in power, the homosexual left barricades the door. No-one else will get rights, because they are in charge of the dispensary. Giving away rights now is giving away power, and they must not lose power. The left’s concept of freedom is equivalent to favors, while the right’s concept is “actions practiced by individuals which the government can restrain only under duress”. The left seeks the good of only those in its cult, while the right ensures that all people can live without undue interference.

If it becomes criminal to NOT participate in homosexual “marriage” — if you can lose your entire livelihood because you have morals that the state cannot change, then the state has affixed to you the yellow star of David. Consider history.

First, the Nazis created a movement filled with fine-sounding things. Then they identified the enemy with broad strokes in the press. Next, they made enemy lives uncomfortable personally through harassment and violence. Then they forced the Jews to wear yellow stars of David so to easily target them individually. Finally, they shepherded the Jews into death camps.

Homosexual militancy works the exact same way. Any clawback of freedoms for those who do not support their position interrupts this progression and so must be resisted at all costs. They have all the rights now, and so others can have none. Freedom for all means dissent which means disunity. Those who cause disunion are traitors to the cause. Further, they have already “won”. They exemplify finite-pie / winner-take-all thinking at its most pernicious.

Homosexual militancy is identical in its tactics and motives to the Green movement, the feminist movement, and all other types of progressives. All these groups are obsessed with gaining power and have no respect for a republic that limits power; they despise the fact that so much power rests in the hands of individuals and not the government. In short, they worship power and despise people.

Understanding homosexual militancy as another kind of tyranny cult unmasks the brutality of its actions and its unreason. It also allows us to understand the end goal and its actions. Currently no homosexual militants have plans for the gas chambers, but Hitler did not either when he was elected. However, because their power will never be absolute, because they are insecure in their power, and because their foes will never surrender, the end result will be genocide. Homosexual militants are just another type of tyrant, and tyrants always turn to massacre to placate their fears and dispose of enemies they cannot best.

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