Presidential Primary Vanity’s End Game

Yeb! is in trouble, big-time. According to this article, he has had to cut staff numbers and staff salaries. No growing campaign does this. You need staff and you need motivated staff to be able to run a presidential campaign. So what does this mean? It means that Yeb’s chances are shot to heck. That means that the GOPe “roadmap” is again, nothing but wishful thinking on the behalf of monied moderates. It doesn’t work if Yeb! doesn’t stay in the race, guys! It never was a crystal ball of doom. Never.

In other news, Lincoln Chaffee has bowed out of the race. Why was he even running? The same reason Bush is running. The same reason Gilmore, Pataki, and Kasich are running. There’s an overload of hubris in presidential politics, and you would be foolish to discount that. Did Chaffee ever have a chance? No. Yet there wasn’t some secretive DNCe plan to have him stay in the race long enough to bleed away votes Hillary in the critical state of Delaware or something. He thought his quirky malleable protean leftism would carry the day. Hint: quirky makes cult films and coffeehouses. It’s not what people seek in a president.

Chaffee is out and Bush is on the ropes.

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