Fraticide Continued (Bush Vs. Cruz)

Fire Andrea Mitchell reports that W launched into Cruz at some get-together, which surprised the people there. Although this feels a little like jr. high gossip, I think it reveals something uncomfortable.

I have long held that W would have made a good one-term president; unfortunately, he served two terms and became more liberal with every passing year. During his first term, he did a lot of good stuff: lowered taxes, killed the inheritance tax, responded forcefully to the 9-11 terrorists and their enablers, held the line on pro-life matters, and in general did a decent job.

However, when pushed, he launches into Cruz. Maybe this is old age talking; maybe this is something said not intended for public display (he has been pretty quiet after leaving the presidency, unlike say Jimmy Carter). Why? I think he knows that Cruz, like Trump, and to a lesser degree, like Carson, is someone who is not going to play by the establishment rules. Bush got elected through help from the establishment – the scumbag Karl Rove – though I, like others, didn’t know that then.

FAM’s takeaway is risible, though. Did Bush give us Obama? No. Who gave us Obama was a weak RNC and a failing of courage among those who ran. Blame them. Why didn’t Bush have any challengers in 2004? Blaming the man for Obama is at once childish and cantankerous. Nobody did anything until 2008 when the establishment put up McCain. I held my nose and voted for that loser, but never again.

So whom do I blame for us getting Obama? McCain and the GOP establishment. I do fault Bush for the mistakes he made (embracing AGW, among other things), but he was not responsible for Obama. That, as Boy Meets World once said, is crazy talk.

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