Paid to Pretend / The Death of Creativity

When actors have a prominent role in society, the society is doomed. What are actors but people who pretend to be other people? They can’t be too picky about whom they pretend to be or else their income dries up. So rather than discussing astronauts or explorers or scientists or writers, society spends time discussing who is the most convincing pretender. Then we pay them great amounts of money to pretend. Is this a sign of society-wide immaturity?

Thinking more about this malaise, I note that there is an obsession with things that simply do not exist. Artists now do not even bother attempting to convince us that such things might be real, they blithely assume that they are. Dinosaurs, zombies, vampires, aliens – note: no-one has discovered intelligent alien life, or any alien life at all. It’s beyond a trend. It’s now some default ore to mine. I guess people are starved for disposable entertainment. This teen paranormal book is just as good as another; this anime` is just as good as another`; this movie is just as good as another, so let’s just churn out more of the same dreck. The audience is too bored to notice the difference, right? Especially if your audience is children!

Since the quality of work doesn’t matter and content has long been dead, then why not just dispose with creativity altogether and simply remake (“reboot” is the new word) the same movie? Better yet, let’s not wait a generation before we do it! Thank you, Sony entertainment for remaking Spiderman yet again.

A lack of concern about character leads to a lack of concern about content leads to the death of creativity. This is what a culture looks like when it has turned from God.

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