We Are All Climate Conspirators Now

“Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” — Prometheus

That’s worth keeping in mind when examining the left, particular its sewers, such as Salon. Today, I discovered that I am lying (really?) about the certain death of millions in the future, and because of that, I am a climate denier co-conspirator, at least according to Salon (hat tip: JWF).

First, how can you speak of something that is yet in the future as though it is certain? The details aside, that’s the first problem with all this. If this writer absolutely knows without a single shred of doubt that ecological disaster is coming, the question is “how does he know it”? Clearly, he has some sort of gift to see the future, because he cannot have arrived at this via any empirical evidence.

So not only is he convinced that this will come, he is as certain that those who disagree with him should be shamed and punished, because they are lying. So we are now going to punish people on the basis of a future event? Clearly, he does not understand how law works. Conspiracy is only punishable after the event has occurred, or if the people are caught doing something that allows them to be arrested red-handed, as it were. In the case of terrorism, this is pretty easy to pinpoint: statements, manuals, and knowledge of their actions.

Yet, how is planning to commit mass murder in any way equivalent to failure to believe in junk science? If I don’t believe in such and such or I buy a car or throw out recyclables, what exactly is supposed to be my crime? Even an analogy between the two is ludicrous. Not only that, but the scope is insane. A conspiracy is between a small number of people; it is not something spoken aloud in public. How many people is he willing to arrest? 10,000? A million? At what point does the word “conspiracy” simply explode in overblown ribaldry?

Salon is arguing for creating gulags, for ghettos, for barbed-wire enclosures, to round up people who disagree with them politically. They do this because they are convinced that they know the future. So sure are they of their science (I’m being generous here) that they are willing to imprison people with whom they disagree. That is scary.

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