A Pessimism That Kills

I have often thought that every pessimist who is still living is fundamentally a liar. If a pessimist truly believed that all hope was lost, he or she would end it all. So I question the sincerity and the honesty of political pundits whom do nothing but defecate gloom and doom, especially those who claim to be conservatives and do it.

First, they are not being honest in their pessimism. Yes, I understand that occasionally, people can write doom and gloom about politics. Politics does reveal the nobility of man and his depravity. However, if you consistently counsel despair, you are hypocritical, because you think there is some hope left for you, individually. You have enough happiness to soldier on. It’s just everyone else who needs to feel woe. This is a kind of socialism, where you ensure that you are happy but that others are miserable; you deny happiness to others while retaining some for yourself, all the while claiming that no-one can be happy.

Second, how is hopelessness in any way conservative or American? The very existence of America was founded on the idea that the government can only function through the consent of the governed. To say that the government cannot be changed and that people should just suffer underneath ill-treatment is something you might expect the British Crown to lecture circa 1700.

Third, what is the end effect of counseling that the common man is powerless to change the political structures of his/her country? Decreased interest in government and low turnout. In short, people know less about how they are governed and they refuse to participate. Unless your end goal is a violent revolution led by people who don’t know what’s going on, this will not make things better. However even the idea of revolution is rarely spoken aloud, so I find it hard to believe that is the real goal. The result, near-term at least, is low voter turnout and less voter participation — i.e. victory for liberals.

I am beginning to wonder that some conservative outlets are being encouraged by liberals to suppress voter interest and turnout, or if they are being paid outright to do so. Yes, the payment charge is a serious one, but how else to explain the constant negative fixation and the inescapable truth that such amounts to a negative campaign which has only one result: suppressing the vote?

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