The Idiocracy’s Stage Play (the Debate)

If you score a debate like you score an Olympic contest, or if you watch a debate like you watch a sports contest, you are a sucker. You have become a nonthinking unit jolted into cries of elation or disgust by a televised formatting of a Punch and Judy show. You have become a serf dribbled glops of entertainment crack by the idiocracy.

This guy gets it.

These debates are nothing more than entertainment, and at that, entertainment for peons. If you buy into the format and the bias and the artificiality of it all, then you have found the master’s chains comfortable around your neck.

The idiocracy thinks this is all you need to know.

They think you think you will form your opinions based upon what they serve you.

They think you are unable to search the web for any length of time to find out the truth.

They hate you and if you buy into their lies, you hate yourself.

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