¡Yeb! Not the Kind of President We Want

I remember the undeserved criticism and mindless mockery that W endured, and some people were a bit tired of it after his second term. Thus the “No more Clintons! No more Bushes!” campaign. I still believe strongly in quite a few things that W did, so I can’t say that I’m on board for the same reasons. Still, I share the weariness with America governed by two political dynasties. From this perspective alone, Jeb should not have run.

However, Jeb (or ¡Yeb!) also has a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth, saying very foolish and/or tone-deaf things. These are not wrenched out of context, made-up things, or media distortions, so while his brother is largely innocent, ¡Yeb! ceaselessly brings criticism upon himself. His latest asinine statement, “That’s the kind of America we want [bilingual].” confirms it again. His logic there astounds.

Among other things, he thinks that bilingual education benefits children. All bilingual education does is keep non-native speakers in their language ghettoes and ensures that they grow up to be reliable Democrat voters. Foreign language classes (Spanish I, II, III, for example) are not the same thing, of course. Yes, ¡Yeb!, we should defund bilingual education at both a state and national level. It is another rail in the railroad to dependency.

It’s sad to see a man who did a good job as a Florida governor descend into the pits of political correctness and suck-up-itis. He also has failed to understand how policy works on a functional level. I.e. you can be pro-2nd amendment all day long, but if you’re for amnesty, nothing else really matters. Unchecked illegal immigration destroys first, American culture, then the rule of law itself, and last, American territorial integrity. I suspect this is why the donor class loves ¡Yeb! so much. They know that his conservative credentials are like bullets in a storeroom as long as he keeps bringing in cheap workers and keeps pushing America towards a technological/crony capitalist utopia.

Anyhow, I tire of seeing Jeb! bumper stickers, so I’ve decided to contribute my own bumper sticker. For now, it is just a graphic, but who knows. Perhaps I’ll drag up some money and get a little enjoyment watching people respond as I drive about town.


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