Running to Lose

I heard this on the radio yesterday. Bush is saying that Trump should respect the media more.

Let that sink in a moment.

The presumptive GOP candidate is urging Trump (and by extension, all of the dissatisfied Americans) to treat the media with more respect. I cannot imagine a surer way to lose the Republican primary than by urging more respect for the media.

As Jeb continues to put one foot in his mouth after the other, it is clear to me that his heart just isn’t in it. Not even close. He is running to lose and so that is what makes the whole GOP-e roadmap someone’s wishful thinking but certainly not hard strategy. It presumes a long war of attrition and a candidate that does his best to stay out of trouble. Bush is doing nothing of the sort. He has so many instances of saying stupid things (having to lose the primary to win the general, the crack about anchor babies, and now this) that his numbers are in the toilet. Coupled with his uninspiring speechifying, how does he think he has a chance at all?

No, something isn’t right here. Jeb is the most reluctant and uninspiring candidate I have ever seen, and no amount of competition is going to get him in. His goose is cooked and it’s only the end of August. The GOPe roadmap is toast.

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