No Place Like Reality / Goddess Worship

I am always surprised by people who start any discussion or undergird their arguments with reliance upon fiction. “But in the movie…” Every movie is a lie. Every work of fiction is a lie. Every song is a lie. Not in the sense that these things do not speak truth (for they can), but they are not reality itself. They are abstractions.

This is an important point and probably too subtle for some, but a movie about an event is not the event itself. A book about the life of JFK is not the same thing as the life of JFK in reality. And so because these created works are not reality, they come with omissions and perspectives. Thus the crowd that watched John Stewart for news or SNL will never understand reality; they watch other people and think that they know or have experienced reality. They fail to grasp that their interlocutors have a perspective and omit things.

This is all pretty obvious as far as information goes, in terms of news and politics. However, it is rarely mentioned on a more fundamental level. Watching a movie or reading a book gives you a patina of reality, but it is not reality. You were not really THERE when the event happened; you just have been told a story about that event. Thus these created works can impart either truth or error, but you must be very careful when assuming that they correspond to the facts of reality. Fiction as fiction is much safer, because you know that it is guaranteed to not correspond to any facts.

However, as more and more people are less familiar with actual reality, and convince themselves that a movie or TV or some online thing is actuality, they must be reminded that there is no substitute for reality. That is, these stories about reality did not happen. They may comprise your past or inform your thinking but they are no substitute for actual life experience and events. This is probably part of why discussions with other people are so fractuous; they have taken some second-hand description as their own and argue from some ledge of myth or fiction, all the while unawares that they have done so. To be fair, I think they realize that they made a decision at some point to not engage with reality and so they have taken artifacts as though they were experience and never examined them to see whether or not they correspond to reality.

* * * * *

Besides giving them attention and paying them a salary, what is the purpose of the fandom (i.e. adoration) of female stars and starlets? Without such adoration, Hollywood and TV-land would collapse, putting many more people out of work. So a lot of people have a vested interest in keeping men faithful to the latest sexual goddess to grace the unblinking eyes of cinema and TV. The word “faithful” is not too strong. Were men, en masse, to become suddenly enraptured by real women, and dumped out most of their movies, their porn stashes, and at least some of their music collection, these two industries would go bankrupt in a month. If single men alone did this, then the two industries would be shaken to their core.

Regardless of whether you are married or not, you are expected to pay homage to the sex goddess by knowing about her, by watching her movies/shows and/or buying her music. Whether she is married or not likewise does not matter. She needs to make a living and you are expected to be unfaithful and make excuses about it.

But why? What do men get out of it this system of worship? They get to live out their sexual fantasies of having a constantly-changing harem. They get all the thrills of seeing someone undressed or barely dressed without any of the messiness of the sex act or any of the problems associated with children. This sex at a distance is a corruption of courtly love, but it shares with it the disunion of men and women. In both cases, they are held at bay, so that the design for attraction and coupling is stymied, and so the two never become one.

It is very interesting to see who benefits when men and women are kept apart from each other, and their ordinary desires are channeled off into other pursuits or into the worship of gods or goddesses. You have some industries that benefit financially from this (while those who act in them live ruinous lives). Psychologists and the drug companies benefit as well, for they have complicated relationships to unriddle and fix. Women are denied good men, while men waste their lives in doing things that leave them ill-prepared for dating and often crippled, maturationally speaking. However behind all of this is the cruel smile of evil, for when men and women are pitted against each other, saddled with impossible demands, infected with false fantasies of some unattainable ideal, when all people become perpetual infants, it is evil that benefits the most.

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