Ronald Raven, Or the Incredible Smallness of the Interwebz

If you wonder why people don’t take the internet very seriously at times, it is all because of events like this.

Rick Perry made a verbal gaffe in a high-stakes presidential “debate” (news-sponsored debates are not debates in any meaningful sense of the term). That night, people are busy making fun from the safety and anonymity of their homes. Now the interweb is blowing up.

Think about the cowardice of all this, and the distinctively junior high vibe this gives off. Just like Romney’s “folders of women” comment, people look for any error, no matter how small, no matter how trivial, and use it to poke fun. Yes, this is jr. high, where mispronouncing a syllable could get you off the popular list for the rest of the month.

I’m over this. I’m over the frankly stupid and cowardly nature of the people who rile up the anonymous hate squads to crucify people over meaningless slips. What good does it do? It just shows that those who hide can create this fake reality that amounts to nothing. Rick Perry isn’t concerned. He’s laughing and moving on to the next campaign stop. While you, jr. high thinker, are still there, empty and powerless.

This paroxysm of fake is what is killing society. People obsess over a lion that was meaningless to the local inhabitants and don’t care about 37 abortions per hour in the US and the evil organization that does them. They spaz out about a verbal gaffe by a man in a debate and want to get rid of the entire Bill of Rights. They are, as Muggeridge said, modern man in revolt.

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