Nothing Has Changed

I am wearied by the breathless hype shoveled at me by the internet culture. Some person takes photos of women and now, this one person has apparently single-handedly redefined beauty. (I suppose it is the makeup-industrial complex that has suppressed this redefinition of beauty.) A politician says something and people chime in that he has changed everything (my clothes are still the same color as they were before he spoke, so that’s one thing that didn’t change, at least). Absolutes fly out of people’s mouths as though they don’t understand what “evidence”, “never”, and “always” mean – everything is so sped-up, technicolor, larger-than-life – hyperreal. If you don’t have the PERFECT wedding, then your life is ruined. If life isn’t happy everything, then your life sucks. If you can’t have it all, then you have nothing.

Stop the madness! There’s a reason why amazing things are celebrated – they are rare. Every moment of every day is not people saving lives or surviving 3000 feet falls. If you want any sort of happiness in life, you’d better get used to things being good, average, or even excellent, and stop expecting or requiring perfection. The people who believe the funhouse world of social media and the tech press will never be happy, no matter how many diets they go on, how many drugs they take, or how much they imitate someone else. Put another way, they are self-doomed to misery. Why would you want such a life?

Life is not a movie or TV. Movies are fantasies. TV is a fantasy. We are all ordinary people, and ordinary is ok. In fact, ordinary is healthy. Step off the merry-go-round and live.

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