Race-based Thinking Is Insufficient

This article illuminates why race-based thinking is insufficient to explain the societal malaise which affects us. Not purposefully, of course, but accidentally. Consider the argument that the so-called “race realists” argue: that morals are vague, abstract notions that arise only from the experience of people groups. This is community thinking run through a racial lens which ignores not only history but also theorizes away the supremacy of spirituality. Do they think that white people plus time creates Christianity?

The race realists are just another set of collectivists. Vdare, despite some of their better articles, are no different than TheRightStuff, which saddens me. Why subscribe to this foolish overgeneralization and then impugn the reality of the spiritual life? You are just as much LeMarkians as the Soviets were. They too thought that they could create a better civics through controlling the herd. Men are more than animals, and culture is more than race.

This sort of thinking is especially ironic considering that it is expounded through prose. In writing, no-one can see your skin tone. Doesn’t that itself argue for the supremacy of ideas and thus the spirit as opposed to the melanin concentration of the writer?

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