The IMDB Disease

Visiting IMDB, I am reminded of a quote by Charley Reese – if all that is meant by education is literacy, then all you have done is create a market for trash literature. That is what IMDB exemplifies – people who have the ability to string a sentence together, but who have no moral reasoning (the reviews for Crawlspace are typical at least among horror movies).

I find it deeply disturbing that people celebrate murder and watch films that celebrate it. Worse, these people then critique the kills as though realistic death scenes give them some kind of visceral high. Are these not just literate monsters? Are they not just speaking subhumans? Is this what civilization now means, people going to a theater-cathedral to watch strangers gruesomely die, so that they can laugh and cheer their way to a psychotic orgasm? The word revulsion does not even come close to describing such. These ghouls deserve their own end in a similar fashion.

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