Planned Parenthood’s Empire of Lies

It should not surprise you that people who carve up children for profit and sell their remains, would also bully people. Here’s the ugly truth.

Frankly, I think it’s hilarious that PP now pretends to care about patient privacy or research protocols. Those are the last few straws that desperate leftists grasp at when their organization is going to be shut down. You mean you care about society? Maybe you shouldn’t have run a slaughterhouse. Maybe you shouldn’t have lied about your corporate supporters. Maybe you shouldn’t have backed Roe V. Wade, which turned out to be based entirely on lies (Roe in that case is now a pro-life activist). Of course the leftist murderers at PP are bullies, for they have built an empire of lies and fear exposure. What you do in the darkness will be told on the rooftops, you depraved death merchants!

God bless The Center for Medical Progress!

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