Rape Hoaxing as Wish Fulfillment

Rape hoaxing seems to now be an acceptable method of gaining power in the collegic feminist power structure. It’s quite simple, really – portray yourself as a victim, actually victimize a guy, and then use the backlash to garner attention, power, and a job with a liberal activist group. Truth doesn’t matter to liberals, so you are primed to accuse others of horrible things and create more drama still. There are always new witches to accuse!

From the feminist perspective, no man has equal rights with a woman; equal rights are not being sought any longer, but matriarchy. Thus destroying a man’s reputation or getting him kicked out of school is seen as a harmless and worthwhile activity, especially if the man rebuffed your advances. (And he may not have been interested in you for a variety of reasons, but if you are unsure about your gender, or you don’t take care of yourself, those are reasons #1 and #2.)

It’s an old story, really; a broken-hearted woman goes on a rampage where she attacks the person who spurned her and then keeps escalating the hatred and destruction (the story of Medusa is instructive here). Sadly, society now excuses these people rather than trying to help heal them, which only maximizes the damage they inflict upon others.

Yet why choose the rape hoax, aside from it being an obvious mechanism that feminism gives women? Rape can be sexual, and to women who desire male sexual attention but feel unworthy of it, the rape hoax can be a way of expressing the desire of sex without responsibility, without choice, without the messiness of a relationship, and without the messiness of interaction. The women who have these fantasies are in the minority, but if you spend any time around women, and if you have read enough female fantasies, you will eventually come across the rape fantasy, in all of its unsettling force.

Strange that feminism, which claims to empower women, actually reduces women to helpless waifs. The very thing that their enemies seek to do, they do to themselves and then they argue to be rewarded and taken care of for it. So feminism is in a sense, feminine emotional manipulation writ large. No sane man would want to be with an unstable, controlling woman, and feminism excuses and creates unstable, controlling women! The only men interested in such women are the very men whom feminism portrays as the enemy – cold, manipulative, and unstable. Thus feminism creates the very situation that it deplores.

At any rate, rape as hoax/fantasy fits perfectly into this situation – it is a desire twisted and weaponized. It is the desire for eros both used as accusation and claim to power; it posits that the woman is so attractive that a man would lose control to have sex with her (which shores up the feminists’ self-esteem) and it portrays the woman as helpless, defenseless object whom has no power over men (the patriarchy is powerful, sisters – see what it did to me). That most feminists, if not all, are women who do not care for themselves emotionally or physically, or fundamentally misunderstand their own gender, leaves them unique susceptible for the forbidden/hated/secretly wanted eros which can only be expressed as a hoax of violence, because they doubt their own femininity.

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