Overgeneralizing into Idiocy

Recently, I have become aware of the dark seedy underbelly of the right; that I could have been only dimly aware of it during all my years as a conservative says a lot about how far removed it is from the mainstream, but nevertheless, it exists. What’s sad is that these folks claim to be on the right, and so give ammunition to the liars who run various leftist pressure groups, such as Media Matters, the SLPC, and so on. However, they are not at all interested in the rights of all individuals.

My gateway to these places was Vdare.

This is the thing I do not understand. Why do these sites think that Naziism, or at least its twin towers of anti-semitism and anti-black racism, are a required component of conservativism? The Right Stuff, in particular, claims to want to unify the edgy right wing, but that will never happen under the banner of massacre. And to justify this massacre, they treat individual lives as disposable, and have prejudged each and every one, as worthy of death.

That some Jews are inveterate leftists is true. That some Jews have set in motion evil things is true (such as Marx and Lenin). Left out of this analysis all the noble souls who are Jewish, such as Mark Levin. There’s just no evidence that would justify even a casual anti-semitism here. Some of the commenters are hilarious; they hate all Jews because of Seinfield. Ok, but if you use that simplistic logic, you might as well be a liberal, because you’re already arguing on their level and thinking as childishly as they do.

The anti-black folks have more of a case, if their only exposure to blacks was from the media. The welfare parasites, many of whom are black, are a problem. The rioters and thugs are a problem. The shakedown artists such as Jackson, are a problem. The ghetto culture and the hip hop industry, are cultural malaises. However, this does not represent all blacks. Are you willing to toss out Larry Elder because of LA Crips? Is Clarence Thomas somehow not intelligent or worthless because he is black?

The problem with this underbelly of the internet is that they have subscribed to collectivist thinking. They don’t take issue with individuals, but instead blame large groups of people, as though they were all part of some vast reinforcing network, yet they get annoyed when they are treated the same way. Like liberals, they are guilty of projection on a massive scale. They have overgeneralized into idiocy, and this behavior only paints a target on my back, because liberals group us all together.

So while they occasionally get it right in non-race issues, such as Right Wing Trolls Can Win, I think it’s safe to say that this sewer is not a place to visit. It will take some time before I feel clean again.

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