You Cannot Be All Things to All People

Here is an example.. No, Wal-mart will never be for some people. Wal-mart should not fall prostrate and chase the dollars of those who do not like them. Do not throw pearls before swine.

To be mature means to understand that some people will never like you, and that’s ok. You have to be able to live your life knowing that some people out there, somewhere, don’t like you. Whether you care or not is the question – and if you care, and if you try to make your world into a Facebook world, you will never amount to anything, economically, politically, or spiritually.

Great men and women have always had enemies – that is, people that would not like them, no matter what. They have triumphed over their enemies, or been defeated by them, but they never crawled on their hands and knees to them, begging, “Oh won’t you like me, pretty pretty please?” No matter their fate, they remained steadfast to who they were.

There is nothing more sickening and more sad than the person who sells out even the little truth that he or she has to gain the acceptance of people that despise him. This is the epitome of lacking self-esteem. Such people are destined for unceasing torment and in the now, perpetual unhappiness.

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