Missing the Point Again

So, we all know the facts about the Charleston church massacre. Let me sum up the predictable aftermath: the left exploits the dead to call for more gun bans, the media goes after anyone associated with telling the truth, the right proceeds to eat its own, and yes, political correctness rules. So, the big winner in all this tragedy and stupidity is political correctness. Thanks for nothing, Mittens, still screwing things up after giving up on running for president half-way through.

Seriously, guys – a flag? That’s the big stinking deal? Those outside the South don’t get why it’s important, and so they are busy telling other people what to do with their culture. (You try getting invaded and then sitting through 150 years of sanctimonious lectures about what you should do. Yankees never stop telling people what to do.) In any case, isn’t that seriously missing the point? Someone murders nine people and you’re worried about a flag?

No, an evil leftist murdered the innocent. I can see why the left wants to find someone else to blame rather than the person who committed the crime, or the culture that they have created. Why the right turns on itself to appease them is what stuns me.

I have read recently a term called “Conservatism, Inc.” and I think that describes not only the sellout weenie GOP leadership, but all conservative media outlets who suck up to the mainstream culture by playing along with it. You can see this at National Review Online, BreitBart, and other outlets as they run screaming away from the truth and from being associated with the truth.

Although it sickens and disheartens me, I say let there be division. BrietBart has been distancing itself from reality ever since Andrew died (or was murdered); their inability to follow through on his research into Obama demonstrates a lot, and this behavior demonstrates more.

Racism is not the answer, but to ignore the fact that the ghetto mentality is a real problem, and that black crime is problematic, is equally foolish. It does a disservice to its victims (often other blacks), it hinders finding a solution, and it encourages people to lie to themselves and others. Why anyone would think that lying as habit is a good thing to encourage is beyond me.

Truth may be uncomfortable and may demand things of us, but it is in the last, the only reality.

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