Saida Grundy Strikes Back: Victimizing the Victim

Boston University’s most famous racist professor is at it again. There’s nothing new here – just another bigot acting bigoted, although the laughable thought processes on display deserve a little attention.

First, note that Saida is only concerned about racism against her chosen skin color. Maybe that’s what it’s been about all along – nothing more than “power for mine and screw yours”. If that’s the case, then civil rights itself is quickly becoming something distasteful for a lot of people. I wonder how long the majority culture will put up with a bunch of noisy bigots clamoring to be treated better than others. I suspect that the public mood has already soured on this. If it hadn’t, then the non-stop use of “racist” as a cudgel to prevent debate certainly entombed it.

Second, note how she has zero sympathy, mercy, or care for anyone outside of her narrow group. This professor is, apparently, a despicable person. If you don’t have mercy on people outside your little clique, then you don’t have mercy. All you are, emotionally, is someone stuck in jr. high, with the same childish ferocity over made-up things. (The stats of police murdering innocent blacks or people of color or gays are completely fallacious.)

Third, note the craziness in identifying herself with people who are dying. Does she literally die? No, she has a cushy job at Boston University. Seriously, how is she dying? Where is this “we”? Is there some jihad against black gay university professors that nobody knows about?

Fourth, note the hyperventilating, emotionally unhinged response to another person’s injury. I am beginning to think that this professor is in fact, a sociopath.

Fifth, the lunatic insistence that all whites benefit from racism. Given that racism hardly even exists, I fail to see how it benefits white people in any degree; where it does occur, it’s not against blacks. The imaginary enemy stirs up the most anger because the professor is trying to make herself believe that she is justified no matter what she does.

Yes, I see the giant specter of racism in 2015, when the black college professor lectures us on how widespread racism is and how she’s so oppressed as she lets it all hang out all across the internet. Yeah, right. Peddle your victimhood somewhere else, lady.

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