Candidate of the 1%

Remember Occupy Wall Street? They were sooo concerned about the power that those in the 1% of population had (and I assumed they didn’t mean the poorest 1%, but I digress). Funny isn’t it, then that Obama and Hillary both obtain so much money from fundraisers that involve if not the top 1%, the top 10%? How do you like them apples, Occupy folks? has the scoop.

Perhaps this is another reason why there’s just no groundswell of support for Hillary, in addition to all her baggage, and the fact that she acts like she is superior to the rest of us citizens. Earth to Her Highness: this America, not Europe.

The irony of those who complained about the power held by very rich then turning around and electing the very rich to lead them remains with me. Perhaps it’s time to analyze what people do and what they are instead of trusting everything that they SAY. I know, I know; public school hasn’t prepared you for this. You’re a special snowflake and in your starstruck wonderment, you think that Hillary is just like you – the news people idolize her, too. Or maybe, just maybe, making money and being rich is not a guarantee of character or even necessarily an indicator of it. You can be evil and rich or righteous and rich. The inverse is funny also. Why think that if you’re poor, you’re automatically a good person? There are many poor meth addicts, drunkards, crackheads, thieves, idiots, and mentally deranged people out there.

In any case, let’s end the hypocrisy of complaining about the super-rich for being rich and then electing them.

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