Medicaid Meltdown: Florida Sues Obama

My home state is besieging the evil empire, again. Whoo hoo! Even better, other states are joining the fray. I’ve always found it reprehensible the way that the Feds hold the states hostage with funding. It’s always a sword of Damocles held over their heads – “go along, play nice, and you’ll get money”. In this case, it’s particularly reprehensible.

Obama demanded that Florida expand its Medicaid program to include able-bodied adults without children. This is expensive, and you guessed it, Florida taxpayers would be on the hook for it. Our governor, Rick Scott, wisely said no. Only now Obama is threatening to cut off ALL Medicaid funds to Florida because Florida refused to expand coverage.

This is petulant, foot-stomping, tantrum-throwing, all-or-nothing behavior. In short, it’s what we come to expect from Obama. He seems to think he is above the law (the Supreme Court ruled that Obama cannot do what is threatening to do).  None of this should surprise anyone. I congratulate Rick Scott for standing up to Obama this time. Scott has a mixed record — he signed a bill granting college tuition to illegals, and failed to challenge the a judge’s invalidation of the Florida constitution’s definition of marriage (see more here), in addition to Angela Corey mishandling the Zimmerman case (I don’t know why he feels beholden to her; she is an awful prosecutor and way out of her league). However, he has also spearheaded an effort to investigate federal regulatory impact on the state from a 10th amendment perspective.

I wonder what would happen if Obama did follow through on his threat and Florida learned to stand on its own two feet, taking zero money from the Feds for Medicaid. One can only dream – $22 billion is a lot of money. I’m sure it would dry up the flight of snowbirds here. Tourism it wouldn’t affect, though, so even if Obama throws this tantrum, and wins the court case, maybe it wouldn’t be all bad? I really doubt Scott would make a case for raising taxes!

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