The President Wants to Change How People Think

This is chilling.

I can’t recall any more hubris in my lifetime coming from an elected official at the federal level. Is Obama a megalomaniac? I’m starting to wonder. One feature of the megalomaniac is extreme narcissism, and Obama has that in spades. Another feature is personalizing everything that happens as though that his opponents had targeted him as an individual. Anyone who opposes him, even weakly as Boehner and McConnell have done, is called out because they are not sufficiently abasing themselves. ANY disagreement is reason to put them in a speech. Obama can tolerate no differences! People’s thinking must be changed!

Beyond this grade-school maturity on display here, I think Obama and his endless personal wars of telling people they must change, they must give their money, and all of its lecturing, has worn thin. Does the average voter care about Boehner and McConnell? No. Those who know them aren’t happy with them either, but not for failing to kiss Obama’s behind enough. I think this shows that Obama has lost whatever “it” factor he had. He is no longer cool and his weirdly oversensitive, lecturing, dictatorial ways are coming to the forefront more and more. It’s like dating a girl/guy that you slowly realize is actually psycho, not just a little off.

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