Staring Down the Idol of Burning Fire

That will have to be worked out.

The most hostile administration to Christ has revealed its end game: destroying Christian schools.

They attacked private businesses.
They attacked private charities.
They attacked private colleges.
They have private (Christian) schools in their sites.
Eventually it will be the churches they destroy.

This is not the future; this is now. In a place where stormtroopers invade homes of conservative activists, while reporters look on (how did they know this would happen?), where the feds promise to monitor churches while ignoring mosques, the axiom upon which all of American civil society rests has been brought under fire: the city of God is greater than the city of man.

Once a government believes that it is the supreme power, it can and will do anything to those in whose name it governs. Just ask the serfs of Russia about Lenin.

I find myself staring down the idol of burning fire that is the state – the hubris of evil and all its tentacles goes by many names: Leviathan, Molech, Babylon, 1984.

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