The End Game Remains the Same

Yet another scion of higher learning tells us what it’s like. Funny how Boston university (which is like any other university) ardently defends the rights of a racist to slam whites. If the situation were reversed, and this woman was a hood-wearing KKK member, do you think they would support her? Of course not. Some speech is more equal than others.

Having endured more than enough higher education, I can say that this is sadly typical. As a student you learn how much you can speak and where. Some classrooms you know it’s ok to speak your mind (very few), but in most you have to step very carefully. You put up with the professor’s bull just long enough to get a grade and hopefully bury him/her on the eval form at the end.

The hypocrisy of Boston U doesn’t surprise me, though. I think everyone knows the bigotry of low expectations. We’re all expected to not be racist, or sexist, or transphobic, etc, etc, like a ton of Old Testament rules and regulations falling upon us, but well blacks — you can’t expect them to do any better can you? That’s the outlook of the collegic power structure — to ignore and whitewash the behavior of favored groups on account of “they can’t help it”-itis. Who is really getting educated by that?

What I draw from situations like this is that progressives are still trying to foment a race war by treating blacks and other minorities as children who can’t behave themselves. Baltimore and other race riots inculcate the fear of a (slave) revolt, so that Democrats can act like it’s 1840 all over again. Anyone who points this out gets called names, persecuted, and shunned, for the idea is never permit someone who believes in the equality of all men to ever get their hands around the levers of power, be it collegic or otherwise. Progessives want a race war, knowing that minorities will lose handily because of insufficient numbers; thus they let their useful idiots like Saida Grundy lead the charge to their own annihilation.

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