The Spirit of Greed

Greed is a trickster, and like all aspects of evil, stealthy and sly, quietly subverting our motives, pulling at our emotions like the call of a wayward wife. When you have nothing else to do, you can always find something to buy, because there is some natural pleasure in satisficing needs and desires. However, that statement is where greed creeps in, by first saying if you have nothing else to do. That is the first checkpoint: do you really have nothing else to do? Or are you simply avoiding something better done?

A second way in which greed works is by saying that buying and obtaining, even collecting, is what brings happiness. Not so. Buying things leads to increased maintenance, and buying something that you end up not enjoying was a waste of time; so something must govern the desire to obtain. When all that you feel is this desire to obtain, with no expectation of owning, and no consideration of maintenance or even enjoyability (viz a viz. does it make sense to obtain a third incense fragrance when you already own two?), then you know the face of greed. For greed is also a senseless thing, a hollow entity, a dying star that takes root where the Holy Spirit should dwell. Asking it questions is the path towards eviction.

Ask yourself, “Do I really expect to enjoy this?”

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to maintain this?”

Ask yourself, “Have I bought too many other things recently? Can I afford this right now?”

Ask yourself, “Will I honor God by obtaining this?”

When confronted with wisdom, greed cannot stand.

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