The Insatiable Hatred Vs. DIY

If I was denied service for some reason, the last thing I would do would be to sue someone. I would most likely be angry if I bothered to care; I might write a bad review on Yelp or UrbanSpoon; I might write the manager or the owner. However, suing someone and forcing them to lawyer up, with the goal of driving them out of business and forfeiting their assets — wow. I can’t understand such insatiable hatred. Who has this except people in bad romance novels and people who make their lives into bad romance novels? Who acts this immaturely and who wants to prevent everyone others from having an opinion different than their own?

I think we all know who behaves this way. But seen from a larger perspective, have we as Americans made such a mark on history by being thin-skinned and vindictive? I don’t see settlers heading west carrying a lawyer with them. I don’t see people building railroads and excavating mines while holding rallies for banning anti-miner language. I don’t see Truman crippled by what the papers would say about dropping the bomb.

The rise in thin-skinned delicate natures, the entitlement mentality, an overprotective/asphyxiating government, and helicopter parenting yields a hyper-litigious society. Such a society does not innovate; it stagnates. Why? It is a matter of focus and energy. The energy that would result in innovation is instead chewed up by walking on eggshells around every defensive interest group or agenda group waiting for someone to step out of line, so that they can bankrupt them. People are cautious, rather than daring. People worry instead of achieve. The world grows smaller and meaner.

People rarely examine what produces greatness in people or in a country, but it is obvious that America wasn’t built by the weak, the cowardly, the litigious, or those who were easily offended.

Memo: stop bullying other people and go live your lives. Suing people will not change their hearts, and religious freedom will not be trumped by any law, because you cannot force people to violate their consciences. If you don’t like something, go build your own, because that’s what’s Americans do – we achieve; we build things; we do it ourselves.

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2 Responses to The Insatiable Hatred Vs. DIY

  1. I recently read a post where a woman decried that she could not find a church that embraces her feminist views. Consequently, she sought to change the ideology of the current line-up of churches in her area. She wanted them to be more accommodating.

    I suggested that she consider starting her own church.

    1) She has the vision of what she wants.
    2) She is motivated.
    3) After looking high and low, she has not found anyone doing this (in her area.)

    She balked at the idea.

    Oh well.


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