Please Stop Demonstrating Your Foolishness

I have grown tired of Tim Cook’s irrationality and lack of respect for others. That he is the CEO of Apple, Inc. makes no difference to me except to show just how foolish he is in provoking needless social-religious conflicts that will eventually burn his company.

However, what sickens me more than his recent inanity about inserting Apple into the state politics of Indiana, is the biased and ignorant reporting of MacRumors. The reporting by Juli Clover is just another attempt to flush the first amendment down the drain. For Mac news, now I read MacDailyNews, which doesn’t cover all Mac news, but it at least doesn’t act as though religious liberty is something to be mocked and trampled underfoot.

However, the darkness is losing, and that is why it is screaming. Apple, despite being the largest company in the United States, cannot buy off state governments. This infuriates the homosexual Nazi, Tim Cook. It also infuriates the mindless techno-addicted tech press, exemplified by Juli Clover, who wouldn’t know accuracy or truth if it ran her over. Both of these people are reactive entities. Apple cannot change what a free people want. Apple has no ability to force people to support homosexuality. Juli has no ability to change the events; all she can do is lie and snark about things beyond her control. Both are tantrums thrown by the powerless, and if you think about it, what is more juvenile than tweeting or the tech press anyway? They are childish.

So, tweet on Tim. Lie on, Juli. You are powerless and you are losing.

Maybe someday you will both understand that your relativism means you can’t lecture other people, especially when you do not possess any knowledge of the viewpoint you oppose.

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