Masculinity is not Barbarism

I put no real stock in the complaints of men-focused Christianity until today; reading this changed my mind. Masculinity is not barbarism, and being a man means a response to the call to be more than we alone can be; it is our answer to God’s call to be strong, virtuous, steadfast, self-sacrificing, humble, courageous, daring, explorers, adventurers, creators, and passing on that which we have learned; we are part priest, part scholar, part trailblazer, part prospector. However, we can do none of this in our own will.

And in all of this, we are not coarse. The world lives in the gutter, but we do not. We are a holy royalty; we rise above. Are we not to be holy as our father is holy? I have experienced so many people in life who think that from one spring comes brackish and pure water; they talk just like the world. Now the burning lancet — if you talk like the world, then you think like the world. If you speak filth, it is because you first thought it, and if you write it, then your filth has survived at least one or two rounds of editing — at least one chance where you could have said, “I will remove this,” and you chose to let it stay.

The world I live in is a cesspit, a black miasma that floats with body parts and feces, with wrecked skeletons and floating torture ships. It is that way because people have made it that way, and rather than seal up the sewer, too many Christians add to the filth. As someone who has spent many years taming my tongue, I lose a lot of respect for people who willfully spread profanity. Paul warned us about that, and again, how much a tragedy it is when people simply act like the words of Ephesians 4:29 and 5:4 do not exist.

Without holiness, none of us will see God, and without holiness, everything else you do doesn’t much matter.

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