The Diversity Vapors

Diversity is a nice, neat, compact concept, perfectly fit for bumper stickers and t-shirts among those who call themselves “correct” based upon current polls and perceptions. However, diversity in reality is a non-starter to the very same people. It is often quite humorous to watch this in action.

Say that someone who embraces diversity as above, actually experiences some political diversity on a forum. He will then wag the finger at the poster, warning him that he sounds like Faux News! (Remember: diversity is great, except some kinds of diversity are not allowed. This, all in the interest of assuring diversity, natch.) The PC manifesto boils down to disallowing challenging viewpoints, because if those other non-diverse people gained power, they would shut down all dissent. Of course, that is not what happens — shutting down dissent is the dream of the PC crowd.

The wagging finger is the sign of disapproval, the warning shot, the sign that warns you that you have left the reservation. Imagine what would happen if the sensitive PC person actually EXPERIENCED some diversity that challenged his views! Why, such a thing could not be tolerated. They are PC — they are all-knowledgable; they are right. It is others’ views that must change, and not their own.

What happens next? Usually they go into some kind of Tourette’s-syndrome laced hyperventilating. In short, they come down with the diversity vapors.

Life is always frustrating to those who want to perfectly control it, and they are driven mad by people who refuse to acknowledge their greatness and their ideas. This madness has a simple cure, though – humility. Humility is not servile grovelling. Humility is understanding what you are and what you are not; it is at the least, the cosmic ratio, as of spoken of by the late, great Ray Bradbury — your lifespan divided by the age of the universe.

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