A Quietly Burning Rage

“Brave men, and fearless women, now is the time when we must rise. We cannot leave the task to others; we cannot hope that someone will listen; we must be the ones to speak and the ones to act. Too long have we been silent. This day, this day, let the truth sing in your hearts and let the unspoken words find their way to your lips; the future belongs to them that dare, and cowards lie nameless in unmarked graves. Let us not be like they, who in their time, did not dare, did not speak, and refused to act; they chose the easy path and history remembers them not; we are better souls, though we face the same galvanizing choice; we will choose the difficult but rewarding way, the way of truth and peril, of honor and right; this is the day we will stand and be heard; our voices join with the voices of others in every hill and every valley, united in one primal shout, for freedom, freedom, man’s holy birthright, and an end to all manacles of the state!”

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