Restless Limbs and the Unfolding Divine Plan

Intellectuals, romantics, mystics, artists, and philosophers suffer from a tendency to create their own mental prisons and then spend their lives complaining about their imprisonment. They spend decades in futile railing and communicate only to persuade others to construct the same awful place and imprison themselves within. Joyce Meyer has mentioned this over and over — if you believe a lie, then it becomes the truth for you (i.e. operative, controlling, shading your perspective); you can choose to consume radium, and you will live a life then based on an faulty skeleton, metaphorically speaking. So then we all must be careful in how we think and how we describe the world. There are real spiritual prisons out there, but we do not need to create new and unique ones for ourselves. Complaining is the laying down of bricks, and unilluminated reason mortars them into place. We need to resolve problems, not idolize them.

Realizing the challenges of certain types of people led me to realize that there can be only so many artists per capita for a society to function. Fantasias aside, would we have cars and refrigerators if everyone was inspired to create the ultimate chapbook of sturm un drang? Surely, someone must find contentment laying cable; some must find peace in being homemakers. Now because their peace is not my own, because I am not attenuated like them, is it therefore right for me to call what moves them detritus, persuade them to be unhappy, and challenge them to do something else? No; if I want to be respected as who I am, I must respect them as they are. A society of angsty guitarists is non-functional; a citadel of poets could not produce enough food to feed itself; a metropolis of painters is wholly unsuited for garbage collection as well. I am drawn back to Corinthians — if the entire body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? God has established different inclinations and skills and joys, and this is both beneficent and wise. Part of these skills and joys is inspiring others in whom similar gifts and joys exist, but have not been used — to awaken the latent, not to make the whole world an eye. It is common mistake to presume that because they are a certain way, everyone is or must be. Humility is important in the exercise of any talent, and humility is necessary as part of any communication, for you must first lose the idea that what you have to say should be said to everyone without distinction; you must lose the narcissism in thinking that everyone must be just like you.

Indeed, difference is a necessary component of the divine plan. All gifts come from God and they are expressive of his divine nature; so it is not that every person should have every gift, as that would be like God creating clones of Himself, which was not his plan. To each, he gave some, and the limitation in number as well as the particular gift was part of His plan. He knew that with mankind created and created limited, that each spark resonating uniquely with his or her own gifts, each as an instrument according to its own design and according to the grande sheet music, would accomplish what an individual clone could not — a great symphony unfolding across time. From the beginning it was planned and it reaches an apex in the Day of Reckoning, when the music pauses as between movements, and the effects are felt.

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