Purity and Fear

Washing my car recently taught me a few things. The first thing I noticed was that washing a car reveals all the imperfections that grime and dirt have filled in. So from the outside, my car looked ok, just dull. However, it was actually screwed up. It is the same way with the human soul. Once you are cleansed, you notice all the problems that you have; once seen in Christ’s glorious light, you realize that you are imperfect, and there are areas that you need to work on with His help. Put another way, as long as you are dirty and grimy, you’re no threat to the hegemony of evil. You blend in. You don’t notice anything wrong with yourself and most people don’t notice either. However, once you are cleansed, then they notice both your reflected radiance, and your faults.

Second, this cleansing is a perpetual activity. Everyone falls into habit and routine, and bad habits are easy to establish. We all need to repent and step back to look at ourselves anew.

Third, people are afraid to be clean because they suspect that they have problems and they don’t want to own up to them or let anyone else see them. It takes courage to live life openly, freely admitting faults, flaws, and mistakes. That God can use broken, messed-up people that take some time to heal should surprise no-one; however, fear immobilizes; fear is the great asphyxiating blanket; therefore, fear is the enemy, the liar, the false voice that is not worth heeding, for perfect love casts out fear.

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