The Fear of Self-defense

It is extremely wearisome to live in a time where cowardice is a public virtue. Apparently you gain fame by having the thinnest skin, by being the most fearful of weapons, and by proposing ridiculous solutions to simple problems. The middle one perplexes me the most. Consider the issue of concealed carry on campus, and then this fearmongering article here.

A little backstory: I attended UF when Danny Rollins was on the loose. The UF campus was in a state of fear and paranoia, and everyone knew that the campus police couldn’t be everywhere. The facts weren’t all known at the time, and many people went to sleep with the largest legal thing they could get under their pillows. UF issued a very restrictive policy about what you could own and bring on campus, so that made precisely no-one feel safer. I don’t know how many people broke campus regulations to protect themselves, but I’m sure that it was more than a few.

The point is that people feared and took steps to protect themselves. The campus said, “We know there’s a problem, but don’t worry stupid children, we’ll take care of it. You just be quiet and keep giving us money. Here’s some milk and cookies.” Insulting, unhelpful, and imperiling describe just the tip of that iceberg.

Think of the school attacks that have happened, from UVA to FSU, to campus truck jihad. The point that these crimes happen rarely is not a call to inaction. Why not let people defend themselves? Who will be hurt? Murder is still against the law, folks; it’s not like owning a gun makes you a proponent or even more likely to commit murder! But that is the way the left thinks — if someone dares take control of their lives, then they are scary. If that scary person owns a scary thing, then they will hurt me with it! Again, the ego fascination and the illogical fears are typical for the left, as is the paranoia fueled by the Mean World syndrome. Because the left has a difficult time telling apart reality from fantasy, their worldview is informed mostly through movies and television, not reality. They then watch stories of murder, and rape where other people like themselves have shaped the narrative; thus, they are afraid of gun owners, small towns, Christians, and people who do things themselves. It’s confirmation bias writ large, the fact that they listen to other fearful people who confirm and add to their biases.

Meanwhile, in reality, college attendees know they are sitting ducks. In loco parentis is dead, folks. Time to let those citizens take care of themselves. And if history is any guide, nothing will happen if this law is passed, except that the next person who tries a school shooting won’t be able to. Most likely, the incidences of school shootings will decrease even further, as mass murderers will pick easier prey.

Sadly, to the school administrators and the cowards in government and in the press, dead young adults are better than scary guns. They are at least consistent. The same crowd has been celebrating dead children since Roe V. Wade.

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