The Era of Evasion

The worst sin among liberals is to be “uncool”, and the second worst sin is to have identifiable positions. The latter is what interests me more; what person running for office purposefully obscures the reasons why people should vote for him or her? Liberals do this because what they want to do is rule. They know that the people are rubes, idiots, hicks, and worst of all, uncool; however, all that can be forgiven if they elect a person who is their substitute — the politician. This obscuring then rolls downhill, and so the ignorant can claim “everybody does it”, or “all politicians are liars”. Not true. Only some do it; only some are liars.

However, another reason why liberalism is obsessed with “cool” and with obscuring positions is because of its adherents’ immaturity. Immaturity — evasion and a lack of responsibility. Who else best typified this Democrat zeitgeist but John Stewart? Sultan Kinish analyzes his rise and fall, here.

What sticks with me was the frustration that I’ve felt when trying to communicate with liberals, and its source. Immaturity as a lifestyle creates a practiced evasion of truth. It manifests itself in name-calling, changing the topic, playing games with words, acting smugly superior (either intellectually or culturally), avoiding the topic, and random behavior that is best explained by a lack of core principles. Liberals are inconsistent, slippery, avoidant, illogical, haughty, and generally insufferable people (at least online). They are children — immature or pre-cognitive thinkers in adult bodies. However, what is new to me was realizing that they had made an idol out of a man who did on TV what they did or aspired to do in real life. He controlled the horizontal; he controlled the vertical. They likewise aspire to control all of reality, or as much of it as they can. So they worship a man who created a fake reality and a temporary reality distortion field around him.

Left unsaid is that while Stewarts’ audience consisted of Democrats, is that people who felt that this was reality, or presumed it to be accurate, are now, woefully unprepared for the disastrous world in which they find themselves. While they have fiddled, Rome has burned. Now what, children? Will you at long last grow up?

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